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Design and Build

OPTIMA will manage all aspects of planning, design, engineering and construction of your Technology Room.

Whether you are building, expanding or relocating your turnkey Technology room, installing environmental air conditioning system, upgrading your UPS, addition of power-points, OPTIMA will manage the entire job from design to implementation. Our engineers will ensure that your project meets local code practice and industry best practices, and the job stays on schedule and within your budget.

Typical services include:
  • Electrical services: UPS, Transformers, DBs
  • Air-Conditioning Services : CRAC
  • Leak Detection System
  • Fire Protection System
  • Raised Flooring System
  • Security System
  • Builder’s Works
  • Equipment racks and structured cabling works
  • Environmental Monitoring System
Turnkey Solution typically comprises these phases:
  • Design of all associated services
  • Costing and Pricings
  • Project Implementation and Management
  • System Testing and Commissioning
  • Integrated Verification and Performance Testing
  • Project Handover and Deliverables

Maintenance Services

Given the interdependence of all components for the support infrastructure, it’s vital that a high availability system have single-point accountability for service and maintenance. This eliminates confusion and gets the problem fixed quickly. Routine maintenance can be periodic and is essential to the proper operation and extended life of any equipment.

Our service and maintenance plans provide 7×24 round-the-clock services and support for all critical infrastructure services.

We have flexible maintenance plans with competitive pricings to cater to your budget, namely Total Facility Management, Preventive, Comprehensive and On-Demand Service Plans.

Our service and maintenance plans provide 7×24 service on a wide range of manufacturer equipment of UPS, Power distribution units, CRACs, generators, rectifiers, power conditioners, Auto Transfer Switch, Battery System.

Our comprehensive services include:
  • Understand customer requirements
  • 24 hours emergency call dispatch service
  • Remote monitoring of your UPS and battery system
  • Power quality consulting
  • Mission critical application support
  • Harmonic analysis of your power system
  • Complete testing and analysis of your battery system
  • Battery replacement and disposal
  • Load bank testing
  • Any critical power problem analysis with written reports
  • and solutions
  • Thermal scanning
  • Scheduled preventive maintenance visits
  • Flexible service plans for any budget or application
  • Loan of temporary UPS system

Professional Services

Audit and Advisory Services

OPTIMA have the technical know-how, expertise and all necessary tools to conduct technical audits, analysis and review of all critical DC infrastructure services.

We adopt proven methodology and use comprehensive checklists to ensure we provide proper and cost effective solutions or recommendations to our customers.

Briefly, our Methodology are as follows:
  • Understand customer requirements
  • Data collection
  • Actual site survey and execution
  • Audit reports and recommendation
Monitoring Service

As a value added service, we provide this monitoring option to our customers. All it requires is to install onsite an Environmental Monitoring System at a minimum cost. This way, we assist to monitor on your behalf all your critical services remotely so that our service engineers can respond at the shortest possible time in the event of alarm condition. Such system will automatically notify our help hotline via SMS without any manual intervention.

Facility Management Service

With this service, we can help to maintain reliable, clean, secure, safe and customer supporting data center(s) in a cost-effective manner, ensuring that electrical, mechanical and structural systems meet standards and customer requirements, and achieve reliable operations. Manage supporting contractors that supply maintenance services and landlord coordination. Assist your NCO to reconfigure racks, cages and cabinets to support installation of new customers and modification of services to existing customers. Manage local guards and their service, ensuring a secure environment that conforms to policies and procedures. We will assist to manage your Data Centre operation and provide regular and ad hoc reporting to your management. Support and manage Shipping and Receiving functions, if necessary. Help to make decisions on administrative or operational matters to ensure effective achievement of your objectives. In short, to provide all facility and administrative assistance required to ensure smooth operation of your Data Centre.

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