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Caging Solutions

The Cage system is the perfect solution for data center environments requiring subdivision or a higher level of security.

We offer:
  1. Customised Cage (aluminium or steel)
  2. Standard modular type

Built to the durable standards of our enclosure systems, the rugged steel or aluminium construction ensures structural integrity. Cage perforations is large enough to provide ample ventilation while maintaining a secure structure.

We offer customisable heights include eight, nine and ten foot options. Linear widths and depths are available in one foot increments. Standard doors are sliding with a mechanical keylock. Additional locking options can be specified, catering to all levels of security requirements.

For modular cages, they are reconfigurable to scale to your future requirements. Options such as segmenting a large cage or adding on to an existing configuration allow you to adapt to changing needs.

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