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Traditional Perimeter Cooling System, commonly known as CRAC or CAHU ensure constant and precise temperature and humidity level for Data Centre. For High Density loads environment, the cooling from CRACs are insufficient, additional cooling systems know as Supplementary Cooling Systems need to deploy closer to the loads. Typically, the latter are deployed in row with or hanging overhead the high density racks.

  • The right solution for application on data processing centers, telephone exchanges, laboratories and research centers.
    We offer wide range of products:
    • Water Cooled DX
    • Air Cooled DX
    • Chilled Water System
    • Air Cooled DX with Chilled Water
  • Up flow or Down flow
  • Capacity range from 7 kW to 140 kW for the direct expansion system
  • Capacity range from 7 kW to 233 kW for the chilled water system




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